Another "TESTED" article is once again devoted to the park killer. He likes to compete, at home he owns a backyard in the garden and is a great lover of the Mercedes: D brand. A person we have not seen sad because he´s really enjoying the ride and trying to move higher and higher. He recently came to visit our BMX store and tuned out his BMX Bike.  Martin Toma !!!

1. Hi Martin. You have just re-build your BMX machine. Why ?

Hello, hello, why did I change my machine? For a long time, I was getting ready for a change, because my riding has already bumped into some of the components I did not manage. But another reason for this is that I'm getting ready for the world-famous FISE in Chengdu, so the bike should look somewhat like that.

2. It's clear that you're tuning your bike to park / dirt style. Are you satisfied with the selection of components?

With the choice of components, I am very satisfied, because I could not afford better and better components, so I also appreciate it from this point of view and I can ride it perfectly!

3. What component is your favourite ?

BSD SUBSTACNE Cranks definetly.

4. What would you recommend to other park riders?

I would recommend KHE MAC2 tires cause in the park because they are very fast and well kept on the surface, and the weight is also perfect.

5. Do you have some signature stuff on your bike ?

No I haven´t yet.


Frame: Total BMX Killabee

Fork: Odyssey R25

Bars: Total BMX GS

Grips: ODI O"

Stem: Sunday

Seat: BSD Soulja

Seat post: no name

Cranks: BSD Substance XL 24mm 

Chain: KMC 710

Sprocket: BSD Superlite 28T

Front Hub: 34R

Rear Hub: Colony WASP

Rims: 34R (front) / BSD AERO (rear)

Tires: KHE MAC 2 Park

Pedals: Colony Fantastic plastic

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