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MAXXIS is a leading brand in the production of tires for bicycles and motor vehicles. The MAXXIS brand was founded in 1967 in Taiwan. It was established by Cheng Shin Rubber Industries, a prominent tire manufacturer in Taiwan. Since its inception, MAXXIS has become one of the largest and most respected tire manufacturers in the world. With innovations, excellent quality, and a wide range of products, it has become the preferred choice for professional and recreational cyclists and motorists. MAXXIS offers a wide selection of tires for various types of bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Their tires are known for their durability, excellent traction, and reliable performance in various conditions. They focus on continuous technology improvement and the development of new tires to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Their products are tested under demanding conditions, and they collaborate with professional riders to ensure the highest quality and performance.

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