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Deity is a brand of premium bicycle components. Founded in 2004 in the United States, the brand has a rich history and has been in the market for over 15 years. Deity was established in 2004 in the USA with the aim of creating high-quality and high-performance components for passionate cyclists. Their love for riding and the need to provide equipment that can withstand even the most demanding conditions led to the creation of this significant brand. Deity specializes in manufacturing components for downhill, freeride, enduro, and other disciplines. Their product range includes handlebars, stems, seatposts, pedals, grips, and other components. Each Deity product is carefully designed and crafted with a focus on high quality, durability, and performance. Deity has gained a reputation as a reliable and top-quality manufacturer of bicycle components. Their products are sought after by riders worldwide, and their participation in competitions and events contributes to their reputation within the cycling community.

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