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The brand Fly Bikes was founded in the small town of Vigo, Spain, in 1999. It was established by professional BMX rider Manuel "Rubio" Sánchez. Sánchez had a clear vision of creating a brand that would offer BMX riders high-quality products that fully meet their needs and expectations. Fly Bikes quickly gained recognition for its innovative design, quality, and precise craftsmanship. Its product range includes a wide variety of BMX bicycles, frames, forks, cranks, pedals, handlebars, and other components. Each product is carefully designed and manufactured with a focus on high performance, durability, and style. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with professional riders, Fly Bikes has become one of the most popular brands within the BMX community. Its products are tested and proven in real riding conditions, making them favorites among not only professional riders but also amateurs and enthusiasts. Fly Bikes actively engages in supporting and sponsoring riders, as well as promoting the development of local BMX communities. The brand is known for its passion for BMX cycling and its constant pursuit of new ways to improve rider performance and experience.

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