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KHE Bikes is a renowned brand specializing in the production and design of innovative BMX bikes and components. It was founded in 1988 by Karl-Heinz "KHE" Klug, an experienced rider and entrepreneur. KHE Bikes has its roots in Germany, where Karl-Heinz Klug started manufacturing and selling his own BMX components in 1988. His passion for BMX and his drive to create high-quality products quickly propelled the brand's growth. KHE Bikes rapidly established itself as a leading player in the BMX bike and component market, thanks to its innovative design, reliability, and quality. The brand focuses on producing high-performance and durable products that meet the demands of both beginner and advanced riders. Over the years, KHE Bikes has expanded its presence internationally, and its products are now distributed in many countries around the world. The brand maintains a strong position in the BMX community through continuous development and innovation in technology and design. KHE Bikes offers a wide range of BMX bikes and components, including frame sets, forks, cranks, handlebars, seats, and other accessories. Their products are popular among riders of all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

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