JUNKRIDE founder Crew Marek "Maker" Konkoly showed up BMX skills and built up an interesting BSD BMX on a Kriss Kyle signature Freedom frame with 21.5" length. Watch bikecheck and a video from Brussels.

Hello! Many people know me more as a MTB rider, but mainly in the past I rode a lot of BMX, which I started riding around 2003. Over time, I switched from the oldschool CzechoSlovakia BMX to BMX GT or WTP. On BMX, I mainly enjoy street or smaller dirt jups. After a long time, I decided to take out my older BMX, which didn't fit me very well, so I gave it a little upgrade. The older Fiend frame was short for me and the geometry was not very playful. I ride great with the renewed BMX. Check the components I selected. I photographed the bike in Bratislava and Brussels.

BSD Freedom 21.5" Frame and BSD Acid Fork

For my height and my MTB style, I chose an extra long 21.5" frame and it's great! The BSD Freedom frame has great geometry, it has just the right rear structure and, despite the length, it's quite playful but at the same time stable. The fork is a classic BSD Acid fork with a regular offset 30mm.

BSD Stacked Stem and BSD Raider 10" Bars

I also chose larger handlebars with a height of 10" from David Grant and they are very good. I increased the height with a high topload BSD Stacked stem and it works great for my height of 184 cm. I used BSD Grime grips in a mix of orange and black, which match the orange lettering on the frame.

BSD Substance cranks, BSD Forever chain, 28T Superlite Sprocket and pedals BSD Jonesin

I used the BSD Substance cranks from my MTB and I've been riding them for about 5 years now, and they're still holding ! I definitely recommend these massive street cranks. I installed a 28 sprocket so that it pedals well, the chain is also a proven full-link BSD Forever with one half-link for an ideal fit of the wheel in the frame. And BSD Jonesin pedals with a large platform are also a super proven choice.

Hubs BSD, pegs BSD RUDE TUBE, rims NASA and tires TALL ORDER

The wheels are solid street wheels. I didn't think much about the weight, but BMX has good weight. The massive BSD NASA rims hold reliably. The hubs are the classic BSD Frontstreet and BSD Backstreet. I have RUDE TUBE XL pegs, which grind super well and together with the original BSD plastic hubguards form a reliable combo. I like tires in the dirt style. Being old school, I couldn't get used to the smooth street tires, so I chose dirt tires from TALL ORDER, which hold well even on dirt!


Grips: BSD Grime

Handlebars: BSD RAIDER 10"

Stem: BSD Stacked

Headset: BSD Highriser

Fork: BSD Acid 

Frame: BSD Freedom 21.5"

Seatpost: BSD Blitzed 185mm

Seat: United

Bottom Bracket: BSD Substance

Cranks: BSD Substance 22mm 175mm

Pedals: BSD Jonesin

Sprocket: BSD Forever 28T

Chain: BSD Forever

Front Hub: BSD Front Street PRO

Rear Hub: BSD Back Street PRO

Spokes: BSD


Tires: TALL ORDER Wallride 2,35"

Front Hubguard: BSD Push-on

Rear Hubguard: BSD Jersey Barrier

Pegs: BSD Rude Tube XL LT

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