We have quite surprising and unexpected news for you. The Junrkide Crew has a new rider! And it became Andrew Nesterov from Ukraine, who after years of riding and shooting released sick edit! Unprecedented spot sizes, extreme technique and style. Andrii has no plans to return to Ukraine and wants to conquer the world with BMX. He currently lives in Slovakia. Junkride's goal is to be more internationally aware, so our paths crossed and we got together. Expect even more!

Few words from Andrii:

"I put all my soul and heart into it, as well as my health at times, but all of that was worth it, and i’m absolutely happy to present my work, exactly as it was in my mind, since i was 15. All the clips were filmed over 3 years, and i tried to push the limits of myself every time. The other guys did great work behind the lens, and also big shoutout to the best Ukrainian filmer of any street cultures ever, Sokrat Maslov, for making all my thoughts and ideas become reality in the cut."

Edited by Sokrat Maslov. Filmed by Sokrat Maslov Yaroslav Gbag David Minorov



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