You get a lot of benefits and a discount at Junkride Army! Just register and get higher rankings

By joining JUNKRIDE ARMY you get:

Discounts at the Junkride Shop for everything


Special offers by email


Junkride Army clothing at extra cost


Possibility to compete with the hashtag #junkridearmy


Information about secret sessions and party only for members


And you can upgrade membership up to Junkride Crew!

RegiSTER TO Junkride Army


The army of riders who are active and stylish in the streets and bike parks of the world. We want to bring together as many riders as possible and share freestyle BMX and MTB, support and maintain bike parks and produce quality videos and photos!

Army members gain first rank by registering and ordering at Junkride Shope according to the amount of purchases in the table above, or on the basis of an individual application, and can successively earn higher rankings. The higher the rank, the more benefits and rebates!

Get a higher rank!

The first 3 stars can be obtained by reaching a certain amount of purchases in Junkride Shop (sums are in the table above).

But you can get the stars if you represent us successfully, attend sessions, ride a lot, dig, shoot and tag #junkridearmy!

JUNKRIDE Army Instagram tag #junkridearmy Photo / video contest

Tag and spread our army through the #junkridearmy hashtag on Instagram. From photos and videos, we regularly choose the best ones and reward them with Junkride stuff or Army advance! Winners will always be announced in Junkride Army news on our blog here.


The Junkride Army includes not only individual riders but also riders' groups / crews or their bike parks that they take care of. The aim is to encourage teams to move together and keep their parks in good condition. For who is driving or shaking himself well?

The list of our allies is highlighted in the map directly on Google Maps


Terms of Membership in the Junkride Army:

1. Basic membership in the Army can be obtained by registration in our system.
2. We award the rank / discount on the basis of the order amount or after the application has been evaluated
3. It is possible to get a rank from 1 to 6 stars, the more stars, the greater the discount.
4. Discounts can only be used after reaching the required rank
5. Discounts can only be applied to the registered user account on which the discount is set
6. There is always a discount marked on the e-shop, it can not be combined with other discounts
7. We reserve the right to reduce the rank or not to grant a discount in violation of membership conditions

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