Martin Svodoba has picked up for this season a really mint bike full of BSD components. Everyone who ever met Márty knows he's a "street hammer". So he needs his machine in 100% condition and fitted with quality things that have to withstand street storms on every trip. This time the bike got a BSD ALVX frame in the perfect menthol color with a length of 21 "TT.

Soon you can await new Martin Svoboda video for BSD ! Get ready for bangers and rails and rails and rails....

Martin Svoboda:

"I've been on the new bike for almost a month and I can honestly say it's the best bike I've ever had. ALVX frame in size 21 'in combination with Jonesin' fork makes the bike very playful. The technical combinations are a little lighter and more fun. I was a little afraid if the back structure of the frame would be too short, but I had already tried the wheel on the dirt and the larger rails and held it ideally. With the Substance XL clicks in the shortest 165 mm, there is plenty of room for pedaling even with four pegs. I cut the handlebars by 2 cm on each side because of the barspinum and the right front peg (it cracked) is unknown what I put on after losing one peg in the BCN. I love every single component in terms of both design and quality. Thanks a lot to Mark and the whole JUNKRIDE CREW that I can ride on such a beautiful bike!"


Frame: BSD ALVX 21"TT

Fork: BSD Jonesin´ Stainless OS 1"

Bars: BSD Zingbars

Grips: BSD Dan Paley

Stem: BSD Stacked OS 1"

Seat: BSD Baller seat

Seat post: BSD Blitzed pivotal

Cranks: BSD Substance XL 24mm 

Chain: BSD Forever

Sprocket: BSD Superlite 25T

Front Hub: BSD Front street pro + Jersey Barrier guards

Rear Hub: BSD Westcoaster Freecoaster



Pegs: BSD Rude Tube

Pedals: BSD Safari

Photos by Nathan Beddows

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