Our best rider Michal Kovačovič finally got bike sponzor. And its BSD Forever from UK - Glasgow ! It is big move in Michal´s BMX riding and we will see great things from him in cooperation with this great brand. We distribute BSD almost from beggining and we are very happy that we can coperate also in this way. Michal build new BMX on BSD parts, so check his bikecheck !

Hi Michal, how do you feel with new sponsor ? How is riding on BSD BMX and what plans you have ?

Whasuuup, it is best feeling. I'm really glad that such a thing came out and I'm wondering where it will move me! Getting a sponsor bike has been my goal for quite some time and it couldn't have come up with a better brand than BSD, which has been my favourite since I started riding. Riding on new BSD BMX is unbelievable. I put together a slightly bigger bike and it feels really good. The plans are hard to say, one thing you can look forward to is definitely the WELCOME video! I wanted to do it in the English city where the BSD brand comes from in Glasgow in the UNIT 23 hall, but we'll see because virus....  so we will do something here in Slovakia! Thanks to Junkride Crew and BSD Forever!

BSD Freedom Frame 21.1" and BSD DUST Fork

Bars BSD Leezus 9,25",  BSD Stacked stem a ODI SLX grips

Seat BSD Jonesin a seatpost BSD Blitzed 

Cranks BSD Substance XL V2, BSD Barrier sprocket and  BSD 1991 Halflink chain

BSD Rude Tube pegs,  BSD AERO rims, hubs BSD and CINEMA and  Odyysey Broc Raiford tires


Rám - BSD Freedom 21,1 (crabshack blue)
Rajdy - BSD Leezus bars 9,25 (Black)
Vidlica - BSD Dust fork 28mm offset (Black)
Predstavec - BSD Stacked stem (Black)
Hlavové - BSD Integrated headset (Black)
Kluky - BSD Substance XL V2 165mm (Black)
Stredové - BSD Substance XL BB 24mm (Black)
Prevodnik - BSD Barrier sprocket 28t (Black)
Pedále - BSD Jonesin’ pedal (Black)
Sedlo - BSD Jonesin’ fat (Black)
Sedlovka- BSD Blitzed seatpost (Black)
Predné koleso
Náboj - BSD Swerve (Black)
Rafik - BSD Aero Pro (Chrome)
Plášť - Odyssey Broc tire 2,40 (Black)
Peg - 2x BSD Rude tube LT V2 (Black)
Zadné koleso
Náboj - Cinema VX4 cassette hub (Black)
Rafik - BSD Aero pro (Chrome)
Plast - Odyssey Broc tire 2,40 (Black)
Peg - 2x BSD Rude tube LT V2 (Black)

Photos from www.filippobocik.com

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