Freestyle BMX cranks are main components that still hold the weight of the rider and motion while pedaling. Thats the reason for buy the quality. For freestyle bmx, they are most often made of 4130 CrMo steel. Designs are either in a 2-part or 3-part version. For lower models, the 8T axle is used, and for professional models the number of teeth is 48.

The most classic length is 175 mm, but the range is often 170 mm, 165 mm and 160 mm. Axle diameter is 19 mm or 22 mm. Recently, however, the 24mm axle trend has fallen, which is particularly suited to the street riders. Depending on these diameters, the mid-size bearings dimension is also bought in the frame, which is also available in 19mm, 22mm or 24mm versions.

Types of intermediate compositions are divided into MID BB, SPANISH BB, EURO BB and today's outdated US BBC. We select the middle composition according to the frame (the manufacturer always gives the type) and the inner diameter is selected according to the crank axle.