We have a new year of 2023 and that means new products from your favorite brands are constantly being added to our BMX shop offer. For January and February 2023, we have prepared the following selection of interesting novelties and replenishment of the warehouse with your favorite components and accessories.

Designed by Garrett Reynolds. Constructed from heat-treated 4130 chromoly with an internal gusset in the toptube and an external gusset on the downtube. The frame’s tubing is double butted with a heat-treated Mid BB shell and headtube, externally butted seat tube with integrated post clamp, completely removable brake mounts and integrated chain tensioners.

'MORE SPEED LESS DOUBT!' Is the motto Denim Cox lives by, whether he’s hitting a huge gap, trying a loop on a Barbie bike or doing handrails on motorcycles, you know this is true!! The Grime seat is his new signature Fat seat, emblazoned with his motto...





Federal Neptune Tyre is a street-inspired tyre with specific design elements to make it less likely to hang during grinds, especially when hardway twisting out of them. This is achieved by the smooth transition from the tread to sidewall, recessed logos and that sweet spot size of 2.35”. This tyre has amazing grip while also rolling fast which is achieved by having a slick centreline, micro knurled sides and a 110 PSI limit. The layer construc­tion strikes a strong balance between weight and durability while minimal siping and inset Federal logos around the circumference give the tyre a classic look.

The 280 takes the best features fromthe 215 and the 315 to create an all round transition machine. The head tube sits at 74.75, which allows for more control at high speeds. It also features an investment cast seat stay bridge and both top and down tube gussets for added strength. This frame is made from Japanese Sanko tubing and is designed to be light without compromising on strength. 

New for 2020, a throwback to the original Safari seat but in a more popular Fat
size and in some wild colours to match the 2020 Safari frames...

– Reed Stark signature series seat
– Fat Pivotal design
– Heavy duty canvas with giraffe print
– Embroidered BSD patch 

Following the same quest for perfection, Éclat crew created the Crown Rim. Taking already legendary Bondi Rim were able to create the tallest profile and strongest BMX rim they ever made. Aimed at the rider who simply puts his/her bike through utter hell, the Crown Rim utilizes a unique five-chamber profile and thicker super-tall sidewalls to make a rim which is able to withstand anything you can throw at it.

New Alex Donnachie signature ALVX ‘EJECT’ seat, available in plain black, VX Glitch or VX Feedback with an embroidered tape logo and ALVX woven label. Eject at will!

Federal have been working closely with Boyd and new they are pleased to introduce the new Boyd Hilder signature frame. This frame features all of federal latest frame designs including the new ICS2 wishbone, brand new design dropouts and a federal badge set in the seat stay bridge. Along with this Boyd specified he wanted an oval down tube, a taller head tube and a longer top tube. Finished off with graphics designed by Rich Forne this frame has it all.

Éclat put a lot of thought into the Octa Grip’s feel and performance. The unique multi-directional ribbed profile with grip-cells for increased traction was inspired by an idea from éclat PRO Julian Arteaga. This feature ensures your hands won’t slip especially in sweaty conditions. With small micro-bumpers at each end of the grip, the handlebar and grip are also protected when things get a little choppy and it’s time to jump ship from the bike.

The Donnastreets are our new tire, based on the same proven rubber as the popular Donnasqueak tires but with an all over smoother tread for more grip and sidewalls which sit further round the side of the tire wall for better grind performance…. 

– Smooth centre for low rolling resistance
– Extra grippy & super squeaky compound
– Tear resistant silkworm casing
– Rated up to 110 psi

The 195 has been designed with geometry input from Matty Cranmer. This frame uses 4130 Sanko chromoly tubing and features a steeper headtube at 76 degrees and a short backend of 13". The super low BB at 11.4" allows for stability and is the lowest in the range. The chainstays are ovalised to fit 28t and features the same design features as the rest of the frames whilst also being designed to be light without compromising on strength.

The Shift Freecoaster utilizing Wethepeople’s patented HYBRID SYSTEM technology. The Éclat Shift Freecoaster Hub is up to 33% lighter than any other Freecoaster and combines the smoothness and durability of a Cassette hub with the endless possibilities of a Freecoaster. Paired up with the Viper and Gong Nylon hub guards and an adjustable slack system, the Shift can also easily be converted into a Cassette hub in a matter of seconds. A new dawn for Freecoaster hubs has arrived and the Shift Hub is set to lead the way.

The Lacey frame has also been refreshed from top to bottom. To start it features an engraved Federal logo on the headtube, an inverted Federal logo on the seat stay bridge and top tube gusset. The Lacey frame also features the brand new IC dropouts which are smaller to prevent catching when grinding. This is available in Matt Black or Matt Cranberry with brand new graphics designed by Rich Forne.

Light and strong Befly HALO dirt frame designed by Slovak dirt/slopestyle rider Palo Hraško aka @haloprasko.

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