The 2023 season is in full swing and that means new products from your favorite brands are constantly being added to our range of BMX components. For April and May 2023, we have prepared the following selection of interesting novelties and replenishment of the warehouse with your favorite components and accessories.

The Stranger "Zefaria 4pc" BMX Bar are the signature bars of Eric Lichtenberger and come with a width of 28.5" and a 4-piece design. The Stranger "Zefaria 4pc" BMX Bar has a Backsweep of 11° and an Upsweep of 4°.

The Odyssey BMX "Graduate" Peg features a full 4130 core with a long-lasting, fast-sliding, plastic sleeve. Super long 5" version !!!

The Odyssey BMX "Grandstand V2 PC" Pedals comes with a redesigned internal configuration with an updated bushing system to reduce axial movement. The Odyssey BMX "Grandstand V2 PC" Pedals are Tom Dugan's signature pedals and provide you with a large concave slim designed tread a good stand feeling and great grip. The Odyssey BMX "Grandstand V2 PC" Pedals have been equipped with a highly stable 14mm wide CrMo axle to ensure maximum stability and get installed with a 17mm wrench on the crank arms.

The extremely light weight of only 9.9kg is only possible due to our high-quality KHE MAC3 2.4" tires and our CrMo steel frame. The KHE SILENCER Limited V2 20 inch is the perfect street/park/dirt bike. For high jumps and grinds, parts like our new BIG400 Oil Slick rims, 3-piece CrMo 8 spline crank, precision bearing front hub, 9 tooth 14mm "full sealed" rear hub, aluminum oil slick chainring, stem, brake levers and u-brake were installed! The headset & also the bottom bracket is equipped with sealed industrial bearings.

The Calle rim uses proprietary high strength aluminum alloy and a specially designed internal spoke seat to create Shadow's strongest rim yet. This durable and sturdy rim is designed to take the abuse whether you run high pressure or super low pressure.

The Complex Combo Seat is a brand new combo seat taking the same super-tough seat base construction as our Bios Pivotal seat, but in a lighter, simpler and more affordable combo form. Available in three foam options, if you’re looking to simplify your ride or shed some grams in style, the Complex Combo Seat is exactly what you are looking for.

The Primo Balance Front Hub features a 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy shell. Also including; precision sealed bearings, a Chromoly female centre axle, Chromoly 10mm bolts, push fit collars and push fit Nylon hub guards

The Primo BMX "Re-Mix V3 Female" Cassette Hub comes with a lightweight 6065 aluminum hub shell and is here available with a 14mm female hollow axle and 10mm (3/8") female bolts. The Primo BMX "Re-Mix V3 Female" Cassette Hub included 2x Primo nylon hubguard (NDSG and DSG).

At only 8.9 kg, you won't find a lighter 18" freestyle bike including rotor in this price range anywhere in the world!
As the name suggests, this aluminium edition has an aluminium frame and handlebars. But because it is reinforced in the right places, the BMX can withstand any jump! In addition to its patented AFFIX rotor, the KHE Ravisher LL also has an adjustable saddle, which allows the rider to optimally adjust the seat angle. The bike has an aluminium U-brake at the rear. The bike has top equipment, such as the Affix rotor, a Top Loader stem or the brand new BIG400 (35mm wide!) KHE rims!
Top handling and fun factor are written large with this bike!

Primo VSXL Pinned Rim — The classic Primo VSXL Rim rim is back and better than ever with reinforcements to match the demands of today’s riding. 36h only.

The Primo BMX "Griffin Guard" Sprocket is a sprocket with sprocket guard CNC machined from one piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. The Primo BMX "Griffin Guard" Sprocket can be utilized by the supplied adapter ring with either 19mm, 22mm and 24mm crank spindles. The hole for a regular sprocket bolt recording (23T and bigger) allows you to fix this Primo BMX "Griffin Guard" Sprocket on your right but also on the left side crank arm.

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