In Hungary, Junkride Crew has a lot of fans and riders who like to go to our events and to our hall in Šurany. One of them is Peter Náhlik, who will represent JUNKRIDE in Hungary! Welcome!

Hello Peter, we are welcoming you to our CREW ! We are happy that we can support also riders form Hungary and spread our JUNKRIDE Brand. Tell us something about you, where are you from , how long you ride and so :)

Hi everyone, i am Peter Nahlik and i’ve been riding bikes since 2013 and taking part in competitions since 2017. I came from a small village where all has began. It was really hard to get to the level where I am now, since there was not many places to ride and improve my trick consistency. Hungary is not ideal for extreme sports due to the lack establishments (skateparks, trails, dirt jumps) but I managed to find my way working in an indoor skatepark in Vecses. It enables me to ride each day and get socialised with other riders!

What is your riding style, what tricks and parks you like ?

My riding style always depends on the course, park, dirt or trails. On the other hand i really love to mix unturndowns,inverts and no handers with barspins and tailwhips. Iim also pretty comfortable with different rotations.

How was born idea about your new video and how the filming went ?

Well, i dropped a few short YouTube videos this year and the welcome video was unexpected for me! My cameraman destroyed his knee before the filming so i had to find someone to film me. Luckily Gergo Zold could help me in this project. We decided to make another short but heavy and funny video. This is how the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX conception is came.

The filming went pretty well, im so glad i didnt crash anytime during the filming!

You have been at our slovak events several times. How do you like our Junkride park and Slovak BMX events?

Yes, I have been in Slovakia many times in the past 2 years. Riding and hanging together with David Hornyak is always so satisfying, he is a rad dude!

The Junkride park is one of my favorite in Slovakia, the course is big and has a pretty good flow.

I usually dont understand anything of the Slovakian language therefore, the events are always about the fun.

How do you rate the Hungarian BMX community, what is good and what could be better?

Hungarian BMX community is really assorted. Hungary has a lot of good riders but the most of them are so underrated! However their attitude is pretty cool.

The only one thing that could help on the Hungarian PRO riders if we could get more support from The Hungarian National Cyclist..this thing should work just like in Slovakia.

You ride German brand ALL IN. How begins your cooperation and how do you like ALL IN BMX parts ?

For 2021, my main goal was to get sponsored by my favourite companies like the ALL IN BMX therefore i wrote a letter to them and attached my last Web video ( Son of a Loaded Gun). After i sent the email and reread the whole letter i realized that this mail is full of with misspellings so i thought i have no chance to get reply, nonethless a few days later i got the answer from the ALL IN BMX. They offered me a deal and i accepted! Since then we have a good relationship and i really satisfied with my fresh bike and the different ALL IN BMX accessories.

If you looking for some goodies to ride parks,dirts and trails which are pretty easy to handle it, i can guarantee that these parts will be the best choice for you. You can choose a lot of type of parts with different specifications so im sure will find the right size for you!

Thank you Peter, good luck with new tricks !

This year, Peter also received sponsorship from the German brand ALL IN, which produces interesting components mainly for PARK / DIRT riders. We have already managed to stock several products from them. Peter also did video ALL IN bikecheck, so watch it!




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